Our remote monitoring and management platform will help ensure yor all your IT estate is running efficiently, while freeing up your valuable internal IT resources to focus on more strategic initiatives.

We remotely monitor your desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices across operating systems and platforms. This helps us identify faults and outages as soon as they happen.

We discover and collect data for devices as they come on your network. We categorise the devices connected, and obtain details such as MAC address, IP, operating system, version, and hostname. This helps prevent exposure to unmanaged devices, such as personal devices, that might compromise your network.
Protection against known viruses and catch new, hard-to-detect malware threats. Our updates applied automatically, where possible out-of-hours.
Fine-tuned patch management policies to prevent cyber attacks and optimise system performance.
We ensure your contracts, maintenance and warranty data is all up to date and inform you of any product expiry dates and/or renewals.
We set up automatic fixes for problem scenarios such as an application failing, or remediation steps in case a check fails. This allows us to fix problems quickly, often before you even know about them!
We keep your staff safe & productive while they use the web. Our web security platform comes with advanced threat protection, bandwidth monitoring, site blacklists, and much more!


Complement your in-house IT team with additional expertise when you need it. Our remote service desk package includes unlimited remote support for your IT team, covering all your IT infrastracture assets inlcuding servers, storage and network. Raise your requests using the mobile app, email, on the web, or using your very own dedicated support number.

All the features our remote monitoring & management package are inlcuded as standard!

Unlimited remote support for your internal IT team, covering the IT infrastructure under our remit.

Our aim is to provide a technical response to all critical issues within 15 minutes of a request being recieved! Speak to an advisor to see our full list of service level agreements.

Our Service Level Agreements define how we respond to your issues and requests  – We can even provide bespoke SLA’s modelled to suit your business needs!

Our standard service desk hours are 8.30am to 6pm (your local time), Monday to Friday. These can be tailored or extended to suit business requirements.


Our on-site support package includes our remote monitoring and remote service desk package as standard, with the added benefit of on site-support.

All the features our remote monitoring & management package are included as standard!

All the features our remote service desk package are also included as standard!

We will aim to be on-site the same day or next business day depending on the nature of the issue.

Option of having one of our engineers on-site on a regular basis  – daily, weekly, monthly – you choose!

Know what you are paying for with predictable monthly costs.


From the moment we agree to work with together, we become wholly accountable for your entire IT infrastructure and systems. Our Fully-Managed Service provides an unlimited, all-inclusive, fixed price service for the support, maintenance and management of your IT.

All the features of our remote monitoring & management package inlcuded as standard

Our security sensors will monitor the network for any vulnerabilities and generate automated service requests (including a priority level) for any security related incidents.

Unlimited access to our remote service desk and on-site support teams.

On-going management of the day-to-day technical activities from a dedicated Service Delivery Manager

A detailed report is provided to every customer each month, providing both management and detailed technical information on the month’s activity

Identifying mission-critical services and providing you with IT Business Continuity planning insight in order to create and manage a Disaster Recovery plan

Driving best practice across company IT objectives, policies and process


Interested in our services or need advice? Our expert team are here to help.